This is a project completed in Experimental Typography at OCAD U. The project was meant to use large typography in a public space to create a sense of community. The name of the neighborhood would be made out of lockers that would be stationary in the part to provide a safe place for people to leave their belongings when they go to the park. This project could be continued into other areas within the city of Toronto or surrounding areas so that communities would come together outside.


Leaside Instalation Rendering Leaside Instalation D Leaside Instalation E 2


Leaside Instalation Rendering Leaside Instalation Rendering

The instillation would be visible from the road. Each installation would use colours from the sports teams that were based in the neighborhood or colours that would represent the neighborhood. The font used for the letters was Gotham Bold because of the uniformity of the stroke on each letter and was set in all caps. This allowed for the most amount of lockers in each letter that would be a reasonable size. Each letter would be 5’ tall and sit on top of a 1’ raised wooden platform.

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