This is a book cover re-design for Experimental type at OCAD University. I approached this project by doing research into the story. From this I got themes and motifs and was able to come up with a concept. I used burnt books as the overall aesthetic. Then I used tools that are used to teach spelling and writing for the title.

Fahrenheit 451 Full Book Cover

I did not want to use some of the stereotypical motifs of fire and flames for the cover of the book. Instead I wanted to try to create a charred look where the paper was burned black but the ink was left untouched by fire.

A minimal design gives the book look more serious look and that it is something to pay attention to. I left the cover intact and untorn to keep the tone serious because of the content of the book.

Fahrenheit 451 Book Cover Picture
Fahrenheit 451 Front Cover Fahrenheit 451 Front Cover Fahrenheit 451 Front Cover

By printing black on black I was able to create a reflective texture. The alphabet that runs across the back cover was done in a low opacity so that it can only be seen in certain angles and adds another level to the design in certain lighting.

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