This is a project done in Packaging Design 1 at OCAD University. This is a package design for a fictional Bacardi product. This is a spiced rum that is targeted towards a middle class consumer who is male 19-40 and a secondary target of females 19-40 (based on Canadian drinking age). The packaging is supposed to reflect a feeling of Edgy, Extroverted, Fun, and Sophisticated. Bottle shape was provided and design was crafted to suit characteristics and proportions of bottle.



Barcardi Rojo Bottle Design

I wanted to combine modern text with a more classic looking tag at the bottom of the bottle.

The bat that appears on the back of the bottle where romance copy would sit becomes visable as the rum is consumed. The Bacardi signature would be embossed on the bottle.

All graphic elements would be screen printed onto the bottle. The tag would be printed onto off white paper and adhered to the bottle.

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